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UAE Safari Club

UAE SAFARI CLUB founds its place among the largest desert sport clubs around the Middle East. Our key role as the major ATV fest organizer helps to move a motosport in UAE forward.

The annualy UAE SAFARI CLUB desert fests helps to attract new ones into this exciting extreme sports discipline.

Safari Club

The Dubai area is rich in landscape variety: mountains, sand shores and man-made parks, however, the largest region part is occupied by the Rub Al Khali desert. Enormous sand barrens with high dunes, rocky massifs and drouthy river channels attract active sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

One of the most saturated programs are offered by the Safari Club. Adrenaline buzz lovers will be certainly interested in our key attraction – sand dunes rides behind the wheel of a heavy duty off-roadster, which slowly climbs on the sand hill top and sweeps down after. It is important to notice that such an activity is completely safe: the Safari Club drivers are experienced in extreme driving and the modern safety system keeps all the passengers comfortable and relaxed.

Safari Club in Dubai

Safari Club offers a number of sand safari tours: in the day or night time, quad, buggy or jeep rides and trips with an overnight stay in comfortable tents. The Safari Club sights men will guide you during the whole tour to get you familiar with the Arabic history traditions and activities. All tours imply a couple hour stop at the Bedouin douar. Hospitable locals welcome their guests with a traditional lunch, falconry, music and dancing. There are additional services available, as hookah smoking, henna tattoos and camel rides.

The Dubai fauna is varied a lot. Our drivers and guides will demonstrate the brightest representatives of the emirates’ wild life: camels, antelopes, goats, hyenas, jackals, gazelles, snakes and jerboas.

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